What if you could decide how long you lived?

No one knows exactly how long they will live. But what we believe often impacts our health, our lifestyle and even the age that we die.

Discover Live 120 Years
In his latest book "I've Decided to Live 120 Years", Ilchi Lee divides our lifespan into two periods: the first 60 years and the later 60 years.

We are driven by our desire to succeed in the first 60 years, but as our bodies weaken and traditional models of success are no longer a driving factor in our lives, what can or should be our goal in the later 60 years after retirement? 

How do we live those last 60 years with vitality, grace and fulfillment?

This online course is a companion to Ilchi Lee's newest book and is guaranteed to inspire and transform the way you think about life, aging and even death.  We welcome you to experience the transformation of his most recent work, and discover how to create your life and longevity plan.

Dawn Quaresima
Trainer, I've Decided to Live 120 Years Online Course

Are you concerned about your contribution to the world?
Do you want clarity on what direction your life has been headed toward so far?
Do you want to live a life with no regrets?
Do you want to be strong physically, emotionally, and mentally as you age? 
Are you wondering what living a spiritual life feels like? 
Do you want a clear plan with purpose on how to live your life from this point forward? 
Introducing the Course Trainer
Dawn Quaresima

Dawn Quaresima has over 10 years of experience teaching many advanced energy workshops both locally and nationally. Dawn is the main instructor for the DVD course, Body & Brain Yoga Essentials, as well as many of ChangeYourEnergy.com’s online courses. She is currently the regional director of Body & Brain Yoga centers in New York and has been an instructor since 2005, guiding many people to discover their soul’s voice and purpose in life.
What Experts are Saying about I've Decided to Live 120 Years...

“The wisdom here is miles deep, yet easily accessible, making it instantly useable. What you’ll get here can change your life for the better immediately. What a gift!”

Neale Donald Walsh

Author, Conversations with God Series

I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years provides the precise formula you need to follow if you do indeed want to live as fully as possible, as healthfully as possible, for as long as possible.”

Christiane Northrup

M.D., OB/GYN · Author of the New York Times bestseller: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing

"...a bright light of ancient and post modern wisdom on the impact of how each of us defines our life purpose and the pathways we choose for its fulfillment." 

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Author, Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation


“A delightful guide full of inspiration and information for those who want to live a full, vibrant, and meaningful life at any age.”

don Miguel Ruiz

Author, The Four Agreements 


What You’ll Get
This course contains six core self-paced teaching modules presented as
lectures, exercises, meditations, and reflective journaling. 

1. Six Core Lessons
Journey through six core chapters designed to guide you through deep self-reflection to create your purpose, make your longevity plan, and Live 120 Years.

• We Create What We Believe

• Step Into the Power of Creating Your Own Life

• Life of Completion: Attain Limitless Freedom with No Regrets

• Three Powers: Strong body, Open Heart, Creative Brain

• How to Live an Abundant Spiritual Life

Creating Your Life for Completion

2. Interview with Ilchi Lee
One-on-one interview with Ilchi Lee at his home in Sedona, AZ. 


In this interview we talk about his inspiration for the book and dive deep in the meaning of some of the core concepts in the book.
3. Guided Meditations & Exercises
Experience dynamic meditations and exercises that give you the space to self-reflect with honesty and compassion. Deeply connect with your body, mind, and spirit to gain the clarity to imagine a life of hope and freedom. 
4. Downloadable Journal for Your Life Plan
Process the feelings and thoughts that come up during this course on paper.

Your reflections will be integrated to show you your life purpose and plan.
5. Downloadable Audio Recording
Want to carry the wisdom shared in this course with you? You will have access to downloadable audio recordings of the entire course so you can review the material at any time, to help you create your longevity plan wherever life takes you.
6. Special Guest Interviews Bonus Feature
We interviewed some of the world leading experts in health, spirituality and aging and look forward to sharing their insights with you. 
7. Access to a Private Facebook Group
You’ll be invited to join an inspiring Facebook group of others who are passionate about aging & longevity.   Build lasting friendships and receive communal love, care, and support from our community.
Plus, You’ll Receive These Bonuses at No Extra Cost 
Longevity Walking Guide

Can you imagine dramatically benefiting your health by just changing the way you walk?

Our guide on Longevity Walking  is founded on ancient reflexology and energy wisdom.

Longevity Walking corrects posture from your tailbone all the way up to your neck. This is something you don't want to miss! 

One Minute Exercise Video Guide
Getting regular exercise in your schedule is as easy as moving for one minute per hour.

Receive 60 videos of one minute exercises that you can incorporate easily into your day so your body can take a break.

One minute exercises are so easy yet so powerful, they will transform your day and total well-being.
What people are saying about this course. They love it!

Six Core Chapters
Chapter 1
We Create What We Believe

What is the first feeling that comes to mind when you imagine a life of 120 years? Does it excite you? Or does it feel like an unappealing burden? 

In this chapter, we'll dive deep into the real meaning of planning for a life of 120 years (Hint: it's not just about a long life). Learn about the first 60 years vs. the later 60 years and assess what beliefs have made you.
Chapter 2
Step Into the Power of Creating Your Own Life

Step into the power of creating your own life by by reflecting on your past and looking into the future.

In this chapter we will explore our strengths and priorities to create the life we desire.

Chapter 3
Life of Completion: Attain Limitless Freedom with No Regrets

In this chapter, we delve into the teaching of Chunhwa, from the 10,000-year-old Korean practice of Sundo. 

Learn how to attain limitless freedom to feel whole and make your life come "full circle." It's about living and dying with no regret.  
Chapter 4
Three Powers: Strong Body, Open Heart, Creative Brain

There is nothing more important than your health and well-being in living a life of 120 years. In this chapter, learn practical ways of managing and cultivating your body, heart, and brain with: 

•  One Minute Exercise
•  Longevity Walking
•  Belly Button Healing
•  Energy Sensitizing
•  Brain Wave Vibration

Chapter 5
How to Live an Abundant Spiritual Life

A long and healthy life of 120 years has meaning when we pursue values that are beyond values of the material world (e.g. success, money, fame, power etc.)

This chapter explains the three essential components of what a true spiritual life looks like and how this lifestyle will assist you in discovering and living your greatest purpose. 
Chapter 6

Creating Your Life Plan for Completion

This is where everything you've gathered throughout the course comes together.

Establish a new purpose with new values. Set clear next steps and become connected with resources that can help you further your growth to actualize your new life & longevity plan.

Recap of Everything You’ll Receive
1. 6 Core Chapters
2. Interview with Ilchi Lee
3. Guided Meditations & Exercises
4. Downloadable Journal for Your Life Plan
5. Downloadable Audio Recording of the Entire Course
6. Special Guest Interview Bonus Feature
7. Longevity Walking Guide
8. One Minute Exercise Guide

It's all part of the Premium Membership on ChangeYourEnergy.com